“Desert Scorpion,” from Anasazi Artwork portfolio
by Kat Manton-Jones, Deep Wild 2020
“Yellow-Headed Blackbird,” from Wild Birds portfolio
by Jon Janosik, Deep Wild 2021

The editors of Deep Wild Journal are still seeking the perfect portfolio of themed black and white drawings from nature for our upcoming 2022 issue. The subject matter could be pinecones, flowers, insects, sea shells, fish, reptiles, trees—anything wild. We are not so interested in birds this year, because our previous issue was bird-based, but we do not exclude them. We are looking for a family of eight-to-ten thematically-linked images. The medium could be pencil, pen-and-ink, reproductions of wood-cuts…no color, and no photographs.

This call is open until filled. The sooner the better, as we go to press in June. Payment: $50, five copies of the issue, and wide exposure for your work.

For Artist’s Guidelines and Submission Portal, visit https://deepwildjournal.submittable.com/submit. Trouble with Submittable? Email us at deepwildjournal@gmail.com for alternate arrangement.

Deep Wild Journal is the home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads. Learn more at deepwildjournal.com

2 thoughts

  1. Gee, I passed this around to artist friends a while ago, and I guess no one gave it a try. I would send you some things but I have a poem going into this issue so that doesn’t seem fair. I could submit, if you are desperate, with a pseudonym. I have lots of pen and ink drawings of desert scenes as well as mountains. sm


  2. Hi there,

    Attached is info on a series I am working on these days: Forest Prayer Flags. The first image is of them hanging in Sequoia National Park, the others are images of the prayer flags. I also have this series of animals, snippets attached below. They are kind of sepia, but fine to reproduce black and white. I can reformat them that way, if needed. The originals are actually square formatted, what is here is just to give an idea of the imagery. The animals are from an artist’s book, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF), with text addressing the crazy worrisome overwhelm of our times. Glad to share more info on any of this, if of interest to you.

    Hope all is rolling along alright where you are!

    Sending fond wishes, Andie



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