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cover image by Mary Lewis Sheehan

We are excited to present the cover for the 2021 issue of Deep Wild. The image, an oil-on-canvas painting by Mary Lewis Sheehan of rural New Hampshire, is titled “Trail to the Light,”  and depicts a favorite wild place of hers on Monhegan Island, Maine.

The 2021 issue, to be released this June, features more writers—51—and more pages—160+—at the same low price of $20, domestic shipping included. It is printed in a durable, compact format, perfect for your outdoor adventures!

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Cover image by Susan Marsh

The 2020 issue of Deep Wild is still available at a 25% discount. That’s $15.00, domestic shipping included. The 2020 issue contains 150 pages of creative work by 41 writers and two artists, each of them sharing insights and experiences from the backcountry. Cover art is by Susan Marsh of Jackson, Wyoming, and interior drawings, “Anasazi Artwork,” by Kat Manton-Jones of Tucson.

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Our secure PayPal site accepts credit cards, and you can also order via US Mail. For international rates or with other questions, email Student and faculty discounts are also available.


We are excited to announce the publication of the first title under our Deep Wild Books imprint:

Three White Pelicans: Stories for Stephanie and Deirdre

by Stephen Lottridge

In nine delicately observed, often lyric stories set mostly in the open spaces of western Wyoming, Stephen Lottridge leads us through the challenges, humor, pain and joy of fatherhood, especially after divorce. This book pays tribute to the ultimate value of adventure, unshakable love and fidelity in the raising of daughters.

ISBN: 978-0-9889694-9-0
94 pages, 5×8 paperback, $12.00

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The 2019 issue of Deep Wild Journal has nearly sold out, but a few copies are still available, for $20 plus $4 shipping. The volume is 130 pages, and contains the work of 37 writers and three artists. Contact to request a copy.

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