Welcome to the Deep Wild Bookshelf, a selection of books donated by contributors and editors of DW for our Spring 2021 Fundraiser. Have a browse! You can click on any cover image to find out more about the book.

For a $20 donation to our Spring Fundraiser, you can choose one of these titles, for $35 choose two, and for $45 three. You will notice that the 2021 issue of Deep Wild Journal is also one of your choices, in case you want to bundle that in with a book or two.

In most cases, books will be sent directly from the authors, and will be autographed. Once all available copies are sold, books will be removed from the list.

Here’s how to order: Click on one of the Bookshelf Browse PayPal links, either here or on the main Fundraiser Page. This will take you to our secure PayPal site, where you will complete the transaction with a credit card or PayPal transfer.

Now for the important part, to tell us which book(s) you would like us to send you:

If you are using a credit card to pay: After you complete your transaction, you will be directed to our “Thank You” page. Simply click on the email address that you will see there, deepwildpayments@ gmail.com, or copy-and-paste it in your browser, and send us a “Book Choice” email that contains your name, address, and choice of book.

If you are using your PayPal account to pay, you can tell us your Book Choice in the PayPal Note to Seller box before you complete the transaction, or send us an email, as described above.

Never fear, if we do not hear from you with your book choice(s), you will hear from us! Thanks!

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1. Saving Wyoming’s Hoback, Susan Marsh and Florence Rose Shepard
2. Solo, Dick Anderson
3. Fire in the Heart, Mary Emerick
4. Robbing the Pillars,
Michael Garrigan
5. Three White Pelicans,
Stephen Lottridge
6. Going Down Grand, Peter Anderson and Rick Kempa
7. Memorizing Shadows,
Heidi Elizabeth Blankenship
8. Stone Wishes, Heidi Elizabeth Blankenship, Michael Salamacha

9. Arizona Time, Scott Seckel
10. The Heart of the Sound
Marybeth Holleman
11. Outside Ourselves: Landscape and Meaning in the Greater Yellowstone Todd Burritt
12. Heading Home, Peter Anderson
13. First Church of the Higher Elevations, Peter Anderson

14. Too Vast for Sleep, Rick Kempa
15. Ten Thousand Voices, Rick Kempa
15. Nevertheless, Wendy Videlock

16. Lost Sherpa of Happiness
Ken Craft
17. Deep Wild 2021