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You look like someone ready for an adventure. And, golly, I have something for you!

If you’re coming from our Kickstarter, here are the info files regarding the two trips:

Southeast Utah Car Camp Day Hike Adventure

Canyonlands Needles Backpacking Trip

If you are not coming from our Kickstarter (please visit it), let me fill you in a bit.

Rick Kempa, founder and non-fiction editor of Deep Wild, (and not the person writing this) has made outdoor spaces a central part of his life. He has spent (inaudible but large number of) years hiking, backpacking, and camping through America, especially throughout the Southwest. He uses these trips to forge himself, using the space as both inspiration and office.

(You don’t get to be a multiple time poet in residence at the Grand Canyon by accident, y’all; and that’s just scratching the surface).

-If you live in, near, or are willing to travel to these areas . . .
-If you want to have a truly unique outdoor experience . . .
-If you want access to a wealth of knowledge about the area or maybe you want to showcase your own, even, because your friends have maybe grown tired of hearing about when you improbably came upon a mountain goat fighting a walrus in Southeast Utah . . .
-If you are NOT interested in gaining the moniker/alias “The Kickstarter Killer” . . .

This is definitely an adventure you will enjoy! (I should note that this isn’t a legally binding promise of enjoyment; enjoyment itself is an internally fulfilled ideal without consistent measurables and with great individual diversity and, as such, can’t be promised).

You will definitely have a great time! (Again, a note about the unpredictable nature of enjoyment and also the very real possibility that “time” shouldn’t be invoked in this way since it is a social construct).

We would greatly appreciate your support! (We would! Click HERE!)

Thank you!

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