An Adventure Begins Here

Welcome!  We are so glad you have found us.

Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry is an endeavor to fill a very specific need. Some of us are haunted by thoughts, imaginations, memories, or reflections of wilderness. This is a grip that nature has on our souls, that we feel pulling us towards wild spaces at all times. 

Deep Wild seeks to provide a home for similarly enthralled writers to express themselves and for readers whose thoughts often wander to the out-of-doors. It seeks to reflect those feelings, the experiences that created them, and the adventures we imagine and desire.


© 2018 Andie Thrams; Used with permission

Deep Wild is printed to be portable, so as to accompany you on your travels, and beautiful to hold, on 100% recycled acid-free paper. And thoughtfully designed, to encourage reflection on its journey to you.

We hope that you will take Deep Wild with you on an adventure, anywhere. The first issue, featuring the work of 34 writers, with cover art by Andie Thrams and an illustrated journal insert by Kat Manton-Jones, will be available in August. Please click “Subscribe” for info on how to reserve your copy.