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The second issue of Deep Wild Journal is on track for a June release. That’s 170 pages of creative work by 41 writers and two artists, each of them sharing insights and experiences from the backcountry. Scroll down to see a list of contributors and the names of their pieces. And check out our blog for excerpts from the poems, essays, and stories. We will adding at least one each week.

If you love wild places and good words, please consider supporting our mission—to provide a home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads—with a subscription for yourself and/or a friend, at  The journal is eminently portable and durable, and printed on 100% recyclable paper. Thanks, and happy hiking.


  • Susan Marsh of Jackson, WY, cover art
  • Kat Manton-Jones of Tucson, AZ, “Anasazi Art” interior drawings


  • Maria Kochis of Sacramento, CA, “Chenega”
  • Dian Parker of Chelsea, VT, “Stones in Translation”
  • Scott C. Seckel of Phoenix, AZ,”Despoblado”


  • Todd Burritt of Livingston, MA, “Changing Winds: Portrait of a Landscape in Transition”
  • Mathina Calliope of Arlington, VA, “Order Largely Absent”
  • Philip Davis of Albuquerque, NM, “The Lessons of My First Backpack”
  • Aaron Denham of Coeur d’Alene, ID, “The Spirit of an Encounter”
  • Cynthia Ezell of Lebanon, TN, “Sandstone and Swamp Violet”
  • Diane Gansauer of Evergreen, CO, “Good Choices”
  • Marybeth Holleman of Anchorage, AK, “More Than Ever”
  • Brandon Losier of Muncie, IN, “How To Run Away”
  • John Manuel of Durham, NC, “The Chattooga”
  • Daniela F. Sieff of Hampshire, UK, “Being Animal”
  • Anna Taft of Mancos, CO, “Pothole Grace”
  • Cassie Van Domelen of Amity, OR, “Fall Pilgrimage”
  • Rebecca Young of Leadville, CO, “The Exit is the Entrance”


  • Matthew Andrews of Modesto, CA, “Desolation Wilderness”
  • Susan Austin of Tetonia, ID, “Hunger”
  • Quinn Bailey of Seattle, WA, “Out Here”
  • T-M Baird of Lake Placid, NY, “One Foot”
  • Clara Mae Barnhart of Binghamton, NY, “Glass Slipper” and “Azalea Campground”
  • Angela Belcaster of Bellingham, WA, “The Tent Breathes”
  • Lauren Camp of Santa Fe, NM, “Backward to Slumgullion Pass”
  • Ken Craft of Wells, ME, “Thoreau Knows”
  • Hannah W. Duane of San Francisco, CA, “Tarn Mind”
  • Alex C. Eisenberg of Port Townsend, WA, “Storm at Toleak”
  • Tim Fab-Eme of Rivers, Nigeria, “A Common Fate”
  • Federico Federici of Italy, “An Observation About Winter in Narbona”
  • Tova Feldmanstern of El Cerrito, CA, “The Hushed Needle”
  • Robbie Gamble of Chestnut Hill, MA, “Mahoosuc Notch”
  • Kelsey Hontz of Flagstaff, AZ, “Eau de Backcountry”
  • Talley V. Kayser of State College, PA, “On Sleeping Near a Dead Moose in the Talkeetna Mountains”
  • Tricia Knoll of Williston, VT, “Two Lessons Learned Climbing Mt. Elbert”
  • Karina Lutz of Chepachet, RI, “Barbed Wire: An Old Growth Border”
  • Samuel Prince of London, UK, “Inland Taipan Country Roamers”
  • Marjorie Saiser of Lincoln, NE, “Wikipedia Says the Anna’s Hummingbird”
  • Corey Sparks of Chico, CA, “Casting Lines on Kaiser Creek”
  • Scott T. Starbuck of Battle Ground, WA, “Chilkoot”
  • Travis Truax of Bozeman, MT, “Around the Fire”
  • Anannya Uberoi of Madrid, Spain, “Wild Birds in Nepal”
  • Karen Warinsky of Woodstock, CT, “Spoken Word”


Our submissions window for Issue 2 is now closed. Thanks to all who sent us work! We will be open again for submissions in October. Subscribe to our blog, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of Deep Wild news.

The 2019 issue of Deep Wild Journal has nearly sold out, but a few copies are still available, for $16 plus $4 shipping. The volume is 130 pages, and contains the work of 37 writers and three artists. Contact to request a copy.

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