We are excited to announce the publication of the first title
under our Deep Wild Books imprint

Three White Pelicans:
Stories for Stephanie and Deirdre

by Stephen S. Lottridge

ISBN: 978-0-9889694-9-0
94 pages, 5×8 paperback, $12.00

In nine delicately observed, often lyric stories set mostly in the open spaces of western Wyoming, Stephen Lottridge leads us through the challenges, humor, pain and joy of fatherhood, especially after divorce.

This book pays tribute to the ultimate value of adventure, unshakable love and fidelity in the raising of daughters. 

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About Deep Wild Books

Deep Wild Books is the new imprint of the journal Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry.

We are a collaborative publisher, working closely with authors in every aspect of the process of bringing a book into being: editing, designing, printing, and promoting. There are scores of decisions to be made along the way, large and small, which we help our writers navigate. We are committed to bringing the same close attention and high standards to Deep Wild books that distinguish our work with the journal.

As part of our publishing model, writers assume costs in advance and retain full ownership of the books. More specific details about our model will be posted soon.

Our intention is to publish up to three titles a year, some to be chosen by invitation, some by general submission. We anticipate making our first call for general submissions in Fall 2021.

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