If you have had your work published in any of the issues of Deep Wild Journal, past or present, then this page is for you.

Over 200 writers and artists have shared the gift of their work with readers of Deep Wild Journal since our inception in 2019, and we heartily thank all of you for your contributions. We consider you permanent members of the Deep Wild community, and this Contributors’ Page, our way of giving back, describes opportunities and benefits you are entitled to.

First and foremost, we offer a 50% Contributor’s Discount for All Issues on a single copy of any issue, past, present, and future, if available. That’s $8, plus $4 for domestic shipping. This is in addition to the Multiple Copies Contributor’s Discount for the issue in which your work appears. (If you live outside the U.S., email us for special rates.))

Scroll down to find the links for ordering issues at our Contributor’s Discount. You will find both single-issue options and bundles, should you wish to fill in your collection. Our secure PayPal service accepts credit cards. You may also send a check to Deep Wild Journal, 2309 Broadway, Grand Junction, CO 81507

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Contributor Discounts for All Issues!

Deep Wild 2023 In this fifth issue of Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry, 52 writers explore how wilderness experiences challenge us and change us, in journeys undertaken by kayak and canoe, on snowshoes and skis, booted and barefoot, in motion or meditation. This issue also features winners of the Deep Wild Graduate Student Poetry Contest and a portfolio of drawings from the Colorado Plateau by Utah-based artist Margaret Pettis. The cover image is by Arizona artist Kat Manton-Jones. 

Deep Wild 2022 In the 2022 issue of Deep Wild Journal, fifty-one writers invite us to go skiing, canoeing, rock-climbing, mountaineering, snowshoeing, hunting, fishing, horseback riding,
swimming, long-distance running, and, especially, hiking. This issue also features winners of the Deep Wild Graduate Student Essay Contest and a portfolio of multi-media work by California-based artist Andie Thrams. The cover image is by Utah artist Bessann Swanson. 

Deep Wild 2021   Fifty-three writers from 23 states and four continents take us to their favorite wild places. We journey far afield, to New Zealand, China, Iceland, and South Africa. Stateside, we hike the AT and the PCT, canoe in Alaska and the Everglades, bushwhack high in the Rockies and deep in the Grand Canyon. The cover image, “Trail to the Light,”  is by Mary Lewis Sheehan and interior drawings, “Avian Gallery,” by Jon Janosik.

Deep Wild 2020  The 2020 issue contains 150 pages of creative work by 41 writers and two artists, each of them sharing insights and experiences from the backcountry. Cover art is by Susan Marsh of Jackson, Wyoming, and interior drawings, “Anasazi Artwork,” by Kat Manton-Jones of Tucson. Also featured is the winner of the 2020 Undergraduate Student Poetry Contest.

Bundling Options

Deep Wild 2023 and 2022, $20 postage paid

Deep Wild 2023 and 2021, $20 postage paid

Deep Wild 2022 and 2020, $18 postage paid

Deep Wild 2022 and 2021, $18 postage paid

Deep Wild 2022, 2021 and 2020, $25 postage paid

Multiple Copies Contributor’s Discount

You are entitled to multiple copies of the issue in which your work appears at the 50% discount, supplies permitting. To place an order for multiple copies, simply email us at deepwildorders@gmail.com with your request, and we will send you an invoice. (2019 contributors, we’re sorry that contributor copies are no longer available.)

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Our goal each year is to expand the Deep Wild vision in some new ways–and to pay our bills. In 2023, we awarded $600 in prize money to three students in our annual no-fee Student Writing Contest and paid our artists and contest judges. And despite rising postage and production costs, we have kept our price for the journal the same.