As one of the incentives for giving in our Deep Wild 2021 Spring Fundraiser, we will be offering a selection of books by Deep Wild editors and authors that donors at a certain level can select from. If you have published a book and have a few copies to spare for a good cause, we invite you to participate.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Pledge three to five books for the DW 2021 Fundraising Campaign.
  • Send us a cover image of the book and a link to a webpage (your own, your publisher’s, Amazon, etc.) that gives some information about the book. This image and link should be sent to: no later than May 9.
  • We will display the image and the link on our Fundraising page in our Deep Wild Bookshelf section.
  • For every $25 that a donor gives, he or she can select a title from the Bookshelf. If a donor selects your book, we will forward his or her mailing address to you, so you can mail the book out. We will reimburse you $4 for postage and  handling for each book you send out.
  • Alternatively, you can mail books to us, with the understanding that we would hold them for present and future use. Send to: Deep Wild, c/o Rick Kempa, 2309 Broadway, Grand Junction, CO 81507. Use Media Mail; it’s a bit slower, but a lot cheaper!

As our way of showing thanks, we will promote your book on a soon-to-be-created Books by DW Authors webpage and list you as a Friend of Deep Wild, both online and in the upcoming issue. We will also feature your book on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts later this year. We will do all this whether or not donors select your book.

Thanks for considering this.