Thank you for helping us clear our base Kickstarter goal so quickly!

It’s me, Brad (the “whining about deadlines and how much a single piece of paper weighs” guy), here to thank you profusely and announce our unconventional “stretch goal.”

One of the primary values of Deep Wild Journal is to be of service to the writing community. We envisioned Deep Wild as a needed journal not just for readers but for poets and authors who are as passionate about the wild as we are.

With this at the heart of our endeavor it was important that we not charge for submissions. If you aren’t a writer you may not know that many journals and publications, if not most, charge a fee for submitting work to help cover costs.

We didn’t want our contributors to have to carry that burden. And we didn’t want a promising voice to go unheard because they didn’t have five dollars to spare.

We were able to find a way to do submissions for free for the first issue. But, y’all, it was… not good. Many  contributors struggled with it and it was difficult for us to do completely anonymous review.

We have been really struggling about what to do for our second issue. The system we used wasn’t going to work again. And we don’t want to charge submitters. But we also can’t cover the upfront additional fee of a big-name submission management service along with the costs of production.

Our next goal is to buy a year’s service from [redacted brand name] to ensure the best work process and experience for our contributors (and us). This is a great service you’d be helping us provide.

This was a dream that we hadn’t given voice to yet, but now is the time.

The goalpost to pass for this is $3500. That will allow us to guarantee free submissions for our next two issues. These funds will also serve as a pre-production cushion for our second issue as well so the money will, effectively, be pulling triple duty.

Please continue sharing the campaign as you have, we greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
    Brad McGinty

P.S. If you have questions or comments (or anything really), please let us know. You can comment on the kickstarter or find us on facebook or twitter. Or through the contact form on our website.

P.P.S. Thank you again!

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