I could never understand why almost every literary journal declares in its Submission Guidelines NO PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORK. This just seems to me to be one of those unexamined and ill-begotten cases of groupthink. Our best work gets published and the years roll by and it gets buried and forgotten, and the rules of the game say that it has to stay that way. But why? Shouldn’t our best work have an ongoing life with new audiences?

Here at Deep Wild Journal, we welcome and encourage writers to submit previously published work that is true to our mission, so long as they own the rights. We are proud to give credit to the journals that first published it, as I’m sure those editors are proud to be acknowledged.

So, writers, comb your personal archives for those poems, stories and essays that are inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads, and please send it our way. We are open for poetry until December 31, and for prose until January 31. Check out our guidelines here.


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