DW2020 the Whole is greater than the parts

By what strange alchemy does forty three individual essays, poems, and stories become a “collection”? For Deep Wild Journal, it has to do with the Great Shuffle. I spent parts of four days walking around and around this bed, pulling on my beard, moving pieces from place to place, dropping sometimes to my knees for a closer look—a process that might still be going on, except it became time to go, and so the line-up became a pile.— Rick K

Deep Wild Journal, the home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads, is now in production for its Summer 2020 issue. Visit deepwildjournal.com to learn more about us, and to subscribe. Thanks

2 thoughts

  1. It would be interesting to hear your process for sorting and organizing an anthology. The times I have done it have seemed pretty seat-of-pants, made more through intuition than any real process. It’s what feels right, I suppose. s


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