The editors of Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry are seeking a fellow lover of wild places and good words to join our small team, someone with creative energy, communication savvy, and most of all enthusiasm for our mission: to provide a home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads. Our 2020 issue has just been published, and we need help getting it into the hands and the backpacks of our true audience. We have lots of ideas for how to do so (and welcome new ones)—but,  as usual, not enough time. We would welcome assistance in other areas as well, such as maintaining social media platforms, building collaborations, updating databases, reading manuscripts, and, in general, bringing your ideas of any and all kinds to the Deep Wild enterprise.

We are an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization and currently can offer no compensation. We are, however, laying the groundwork for a book publishing division of Deep Wild, which holds the potential for future earnings.

If you can spare a few hours a week and want to be part of a committed, collaborative team, check us out at, and send a letter of interest to Rick Kempa at Thanks!

Navajo Mountain backcountry, where the idea for Deep Wild Journal was hatched

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