The 2020 issue of Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry, contains essays, stories, and poems by two dozen women writing from wild places. Examples:

  • Diane Gansauer, a rugged hiker in her seventh decade, huddles under her poncho in a tempest in the wide-open Red Desert, whispering, “Thank you, thank you.”
  • Anna Taft wanders the red rock in high summer, lost, thirsty, and overheated.
  • Teenager Hannah Duane jumps for joy in the High Sierra.
  • Cynthia Ezell, on her first solo trip after a divorce, seeks strength in a fragile time, and suffers fear.
  • Cassie Van Domelen gets her “soul realigned” on Matterhorn Peak in the Wallowa Whitman Wilderness.  

To read these works and more, visit The journal, 150+ pages of writing from places where there are no roads, is currently on sale for $16, including postage to anywhere in the USA. It wants to go camping.

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