“There are barely any nature films featuring women in lead roles and even fewer that boast women of color,” writes Chelsea Fink, an editor at Cherrypicks, an online forum for critical perspectives by female-identifying and non-binary voices. “But why? Women have been trailblazing in the outdoors for millennia, from Indigenous women doing the foraging for their families in many North American tribes to pearl-diving women in Japan and Victorian women who would organize hiking groups (wearing tight leather boots and corsets, ack!)….”

Check out Chelsea’s review of those too few movies that feature “inspiring, cinematic, free-soloing ladies, backcountry babes, diving divas, and foraging femmes transgressing beyond the confines” of the marginal roles they are mostly asked to play.  https://www.thecherrypicks.com/stories/beyond-expectations-women-wild /

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