Marybeth Holleman shares her pic of Deep Wild 2021 as she enjoys great views and great reading with her paddling partner, Carol Hult, on a kayaking trip in the Kodiak Archipelago. Yet another great entry in our ongoing Deep Wild in the Wild Photo Contest!

Marybeth Holleman contributed a poem, “Yesterday, on the familiar trail,” to Deep Wild 2021, an essay “More Than Ever: What Wilderness Means Now,” in Deep Wild 2020, and a poem, “Whales at Night,” in Deep Wild 2019. See more adventures from her at

To enter the contest: Take a picture of Deep Wild Journal or of the DW sticker somewhere in the wild. Post it on Instagram or Twitter and tag us, or send it to Tell us who you are and where the pic was taken. This Fall, we’ll select the best and give out prizes: free subscriptions and more! In the meantime, we’ll be sharing what you send!

To get a free Deep Wild sticker, email us with your name and address. And to get a copy of the journal:

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