In advance of our Open Reading Period, which begins on October 1, we are pleased to present our Fall Sale.

Deep Wild 2021, for $16 (20% discount) Fifty-one writers from 23 states and four continents take us to their favorite wild places. We journey far afield, to New Zealand, China and South Africa. Stateside, we hike the AT and the PCT, canoe in Alaska and the Everglades, and bushwhack high in the Rockies and deep in the Grand Canyon. Cover art is by Mary Lewis Sheehan. Interior art by Jon Janosik: drawings of wild birds. 

Deep Wild 2020, for $8 (60% discount!) The 2020 issue contains 150 pages of creative work by 41 writers and two artists, each of them sharing insights and experiences from the backcountry. Cover art is by Susan Marsh of Jackson, Wyoming, and interior drawings, “Anasazi Artwork,” by Kat Manton-Jones of Tucson.

Double your wild reading pleasure! Deep Wild 2020 and 2021 for $22.

All prices include domestic shipping.

Pick up a copy to see what kind of work we like, then send us the best of what you’ve got!

To order, visit

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