Here’s some pictures from a solo sojourn to Canyonlands National Park this past week. The brilliant light and unearthly colors speak for themselves. What doesn’t appear, what you’ll have to imagine, is the silence. These were three of the quietest nights of my life…not a wisp of wind, nor a cricket or a night bird or a human voice or an engine of any kind. The sound of my breathing, or my sipping a hot drink, was immensely loud. As I lay on my back in the tent, there was a vibration, a faint humming sound in my ears, seemingly amplified by the rocks. The music of the spheres? The electromagnetic force field? The sound of my own machinery? Who knows? (Turns out I’m not the only one to report this sound.) As if all this weren’t stimulation enough, there was the moon, just past full, casting dramatic shadows throughout the wilderness of rock, shifting every time I closed and opened my eyes… A night, in short, too vast for sleep

Rick K.

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