Yellow-headed blackbirds, drawing by Jon Janosik, from his portfolio of avian artwork in the 2021 issue of Deep Wild

Deep Wild Journal’s Two for One Holiday Sale is in full flight! Between now and January 1, we are pleased to offer the following combos for $20 each, domestic postage included:

Deep Wild 2020 and 2021: 280 pages of wild words by 90 writers!

Deep Wild 2021: One for you, one for a friend!

Canyon Lover’s Special: Deep Wild 2021 and Going Down Grand: Poems from the Canyon, the first full-length collection of poems, past and present, about the Grand Canyon

Visit for these and other offers.

Deep Wild Journal, published annually in the summer, is the home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads. We are a not-for-profit enterprise staffed by volunteers.

About the artwork: “Yellow-headed blackbirds” is from the portfolio of wild birds by Jon Janosik featured in the 2021 issue.

On another note, we are open for submissions for our 2022 issue until January 1. See for full details.

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