Deep Wild Contributor James McVey brings us a new novel, Loon Rangers. McVey’s essay, “Upper Hutcheson,” appears in Deep Wild 2021. His novel won honorable mention for the 2021 Prism Prize for Climate Literature. McVey says of the novel,

“Set in the Adirondack Mountains in 1984. The narrator, Miles Radke, is a young man in his twenties who, as part of his community service, agrees to work for the State of New York on a common loon survey. Miles is assigned to assist Annie, a wildlife biologist. Their charge is to canoe a hundred lakes in the northern Adirondacks and report on any loon activity they encounter. Among his duties, Miles is responsible for keeping a journal of what they experience during the summer. The journal–part travelogue, part natural history, part reflection–provides the structural basis for the novel. Loon Rangers is at once humorous, provocative, and darkly tragic, addressing two major issues of our time: species extinction and what it means to live in the Anthropocene.”

The novel is available now at a variety of bookstores and online venues,

Checkout more from James McVey at his websites,

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