Deep wild contributor Margaret Pettis, whose poem “The Qi of Fir” was published in Deep Wild 2019, brings us her new book, Back Roads of Utah. Margaret Pettis says of her book:

“In an 8.5” x 11” format with 200 pages and nearly 300 drawings, Back Roads of Utah portrays many years of exploration and affection for Utah’s lesser-known routes. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling and camping along the ‘little roads’ in every corner of the state, weaving field sketches with personal narrative of places most visitors fly past.

“Through an artist’s eyes, you may see a favorite place anew or choose a new destination to investigate. The book would serve well as a dog-eared, traveling companion, a book for your coffee table, or a gift for someone who might savor a unique, illustrated guide to beautiful Utah.

“To order a copy, simply go to > books > Margaret Pettis. There, you’ll find the titles of my novels and poetry collections as well. In addition, my new website,, provides links to several articles, a Utah Public Radio interview, and a sample of sketches.

“Whether you know my art from decades of conservation publications or my work is new to you, I hope you sense that this book is a labor of love. I greatly appreciate your support and hope you’ll enjoy this richly illustrated tour of the Back Roads of Utah.”

Congrats, Margaret! Clearly, this is a book that all lovers of redrock country will put to excellent use!

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