DW H2O on Mt. Garfield, CO

We are pleased to acknowledge the following Deep Wild readers, who took the journal to the backcountry, where it is most at home, and who sent us these awesome images. Each awarded a one-year extension to their subscription.

Alex Eisenberg sends this pic of Deep Wild 2020 at Ipsut Falls on the Carbon River in Washington.     

Sheryl Guterl shares this pic of Deep Wild 2021 at Scoby Pond in Francestown, NH.

Marybeth Holleman shares her pic of Deep Wild 2021 as she enjoys great views and great reading with her paddling partner, Carol Hult, on a kayaking trip in the Kodiak Archipelago. 

Dian Parker Tom Parker sports his Deep Wild Journal water bottle in the wilds of Vermont, in Dian Parker’s entry to the Deep Wild in the Wild Photo Contest.

The 2022 Photo Contest is underway! If you bring your copy of the journal with you to the backcountry or your Deep Wild sticker on a water bottle or other gear, take a pic and post it on Instagram or Twitter and tag us, or send it to deepwildjournal@gmail.com. Tell us who you are and where the pic was taken. We’ll select the best and give out prizes: free subscriptions and more! In the meantime, we’ll be sharing what you send!

To get a free Deep Wild sticker, email us with your name and address. And to get a copy of the journal: deepwildjournal.com/subscribe

Our Two-for-One sale is also still in progress. Visit deepwildjournal.com

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