Congratulations to two-time Deep Wild Journal contributor José A. Alcántara on the publication of his first full-length poetry collection, The Bitten World.

Cecilia Woloch has this to say about the book:

“I love the clarity and directness of these poems, the precision of both vision and language here, where perception and imagination are inseparable, where a deep intelligence and cutting wit are met always, and always unexpectedly, by magic. José Alcántara pays deep attention to the ‘ordinary,’ to the physical, especially to the natural world, which attention is the truest love. And while each poem is a true lyric, a whole song in itself, the cumulative effect is greater, a quiet symphony of the senses and the spirit.”

The Bitten World is available now at Small Press Distribution.

See more of José A. Alcántara’s work at Or his poems “Descending” and “On the Question of Baptism” in Deep Wild 2019.

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