Aurora Polar Lights Image by Noel Bauza from Pixabay

Ren Pike revels in winter’s beauty in “James Bay open-mouthed,” from Deep Wild 2021. Ren’s poem was one of several nominated by the editors for a Pushcart Prize.

whistle, the lights will come
through black spruce
across muskeg
traversing tributaries
ice solid six thick

the lights will come
without a hoof print
without a snow squeak in minus forty
white expanse three-sixty darkness
each breath a set of quills

lie back exhausted, legs, arms akimbo
skis done shushing
lie back wind-burned, with parched lips
unquenchable thirst
drink it in, halting gulps

lie back long as you can
frigid snow bed of the snow queen
the beat of feathers, the rush
of waters beneath still winter
where wolves prowl
snowshoe hare
all ears

see the night oscilloscope green-line
massifs, bird beak
overlooks plow-down valleys
exhale clouds crystal-plated
heartbeat collaborating
atmosphere a wild reshaping
lit avalanches fall
northern lighting you

Deep Wild Journal is the home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads. To read more stories about wild places, order your copy at deepwildjournal.comOur Winter Sale is happening now! 

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