From two-time Deep Wild Journal contributor Deb Liggett comes the good news of her just-released book, Pilgrim, Paddler, Poet: The Ranger Chronicles. I’ve read every word of it and can attest that it’s an engaging, insightful, and funny book! Here’s the back-cover blurb:

Part first-person memoir, part celebration of the natural world, part insider journalism, Pilgrim, Paddler, Poet: The Ranger Chronicles is a must-read for rangers, wannabe rangers, armchair travelers, and lovers of the nation’s parklands.

In absorbing tales that trace her career from seasonal ranger to park superintendent, Deb Liggett is our guide through the pleasures and beauty of our national parks. With both humor and deep insight, Liggett transports us through landscapes of stark canyons, austere deserts, thundering rivers, tropical waters, and vast tundra.

Encounters with bears, alligators, skunks, wolves, and condors pepper her stories, and Liggett confesses a few ranger tales, from park service lore to pants-on-fire yarns. Storms, dark night skies, and a deep quiet suffuse these essays, as do Liggett’s respect for the park visitors and her abiding reverence for the parks themselves.

Deb Liggett parlayed a twenty-five year with the National Park Service into a grand adventure. Her assignments spanned the nation from the Dry Tortugas off the coast of Florida to the wilds of Alaska.

The book can be ordered by calling the Western National Parks Association at 520-622-6014, or on Amazon. Paperback, 184 Pages. ISBN 9780578821191.

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