Mt Baker Wilderness in the North Cascades, July 1, 2022!

Among the high-country adventures that the 2022 issue of Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry has to offer:

  • Andrea Lani and her husband take their three boys on a 42-day trek on the Colorado Trail, in “Five Hundred Miles”
  • Tjibbe Kampstra explores the Bogh Kahn Mountains of Mongolia in his photo essay, “Hiking through History: Trailless on the Steppe”
  • Laura Girardeau gives an insider’s view of the women charged with protecting the spotted owl, in “Hooters”
  • Stephanie Eardley invites us on a twenty-five mile endurance run, in “Just a Couple of Miles: Mountain Ultra-Running”
  • Steve Gardiner chisels a snow cave into the body of Mt Rainier to survive a blizzard, in “Summit Storm”

These are five of the fifty-one writers whose work is featured in Deep Wild 2022. Come join them on their journeys!

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