Here’s two great lists of literary journals that welcome environmental- and nature-based writing: one sponsored by Eco-Lit Books, the other by  the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE). I see that the fall deadlines for some of my favorite journals have slipped on by—oh well, what else is new?—but there’s plenty of others here to check out, and those windows will open right up again in the spring. In the meantime I can do what I am always begging folks to do before submitting to Deep Wild Journal: take the time to get to know some of these journals, enjoy what’s there, and consider whether my work might be a good fit!

Speaking of deadlines, the window to submit poetry to Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry is open until November 30. Meanwhile, the window for prose—fiction and nonfiction—will be extended until January 1, as we continue our search for the very best writing we can find in celebration of, and in defense of, places where there are no roads. Visit us at, check out who we are and what we do, maybe spring for a back issue in our Thanksgiving Sale—and if you have work that fits our mission, please send it our way. Please note that we read anonymously–no names anywhere on the manus—and that we welcome previously published work, with permissions.

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