Our fiction editor remains on the lookout for a couple of more stories or stand-alone novel excerpts for Deep Wild 2023. Thus the window for submissions of fiction will remain open through the month of December.

The window for free submissions of poetry and non-fiction is now closed. We will, however, continue to accept submissions in these genres in the month of December via our Tip Jar portal, for a $4.00 fee.

Thanks to all of you—over four hundred strong—who have already sent us your poems, essays, and stories. It’s a privilege we do not take lightly, to read and reflect upon and discuss your work and—here’s the hard part—to decide from amongst the many worthy candidates which pieces we can include in Deep Wild 2023. We will be making our decisions over the next couple of months.

Please be aware of the specific mission of Deep Wild Journal if you plan to submit: to publish the best work we can find in celebration of, and in defense of, places where there are no roads. Here are the Submission Guidelines. Thanks!

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