Give a gift of wild words to your nature-loving friends and family, with Deep Wild Journal’s Two for One Holiday Sale! Deep Wild is the home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads. Each summer, we publish a handsome, durable, portable edition full of essays, stories, poems, and artwork infused with the spirit of the backcountry.

We are pleased to offer our best prices of the year, $20 for each of these combos, domestic postage included:

Deep Wild 2020 and 2021

Close to 300 pages of words from the wild by 90 writers, recounting their adventures by boot, canoe, kayak, raft, snowshoe, and skis! Each issue also contains original artwork by two artists.

One for You, One for a Friend

Treat yourself and a friend to a copy of the 2021 issue of Deep Wild Journal! Includes postage to two separate addresses.

Canyon Lovers Special

Deep Wild 2021 and Going Down Grand  Going Down Grand, the first full-length collection of poems about the Grand Canyon, gathers the voices of over sixty writers, past and present, DW21 contains, among its many pleasures, two essays from the river and another from the drylands of Escalante.

To place an order, visit

While you are there, check out our additional Holiday Sale options, including the Deep Wild Bookshelf, which contains over twenty open-air books donated by Deep Wild contributors and editors

Order anytime; prices are good until the New Year. But best order early, before the P.O. gets swamped!


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