Australian poet Robyn Sykes sings the beauty of the green, green world in this exquisitely musical poem from the forthcoming issue of Deep Wild Journal:

Pregnant Forest
Robyn Sykes
The forest whispers Welcome as I start,
a ripple shadow flutter-waves and weaves,
soft rhythms pulse to sync and slow my heart,
my boots crush musty tang from rotting leaves.
An Illawarra flame tree sheds her pods;
they curl like lovers snuggled close in sleep.
A fiddle-headed fern frond dips and nods
while thornbills tizz and finches chitter-cheep.
When atoms date, divorce and date once more,
the forest floor recycles life and death.
As air snaps to attention, stirs my core,
the fern frond stills and finches hold their breath.
A presence swells with spirit-peace so strong
the pregnant forest whispers You belong.

The 2023 issue of Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry, featuring the work of 52 writers and two artists, will hit the trails in June. Our pre-release Subscription Sale is underway. It wants to go camping!

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