It’s my favorite time of year for Deep Wild Journal. The genre editors and contest judges have made their final selections, the brilliant writers have polished their work for publication, graphic designer Dave Gutierrez has created yet another lovely cover, and I have the pleasure and the privilege of seeking out the best arrangement of the parts. I don’t know how other editors do it, but for this I need the biggest surface around–the guest bed works fine. I lay the essays, poems, and stories out—this year, there are 51, more than ever!—and for hours I pace the perimeter, moving papers here and there and here, alert for the ways that the pieces talk to each other—the themes and strands and echoes and energies that they have in common—rearranging and re-rearranging. It could go on forever, but it doesn’t. An order emerges that feels right, and I call it good, and on to the next stage we go.

Deep Wild 2023, our fifth issue, will hit the trails in June. Our pre-release Subscription Sale is underway.


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